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About Me

I am a holistic therapist, wife and momma of three little ones. Originally from rural NY, I have a profound appreciation for nature and the simpler way of life. Growing up with many health issues of my own, and a close family member with spinal cord injury, I found a passion for helping others to recover and heal. This was a large factor in my pursuit of a medical degree. I moved across the country to study Biology, Exercise Science and continued on to study Rehabilitative Therapy at Medical School. After becoming a licensed therapist I began to study holistic health & nutrition as well as massage and naturopathic strategies. I soon began integrating these into my clients treatments. I developed a huge passion to partner with my clients to bring simple holistic strategies to empower their wellbeing goals!

Our family also experienced incredible results by integrating alternative wellness strategies. These strategies have helped us with everything from Pain Management, Orthopedic Issues, Healing eczema, Allergies Relief, Asthma Support, Digestive Issues, Managing Autoimmune Imbalances and much more! Now I am passionate about helping my clients find this wellness and relief through a holistic care plan that integrates mental, emotional & physical strategies both natural & medical. I look forward to helping you feel amazing!

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